Woman gives her baby away to a total stranger

baby in a basketOn Saturday at around 7:00 p.m. in Phoenix, Arizona a 39-year-old mother gave her 3-month-old baby girl to Jennifer Argo, a complete and total stranger that she just happened upon outside of an apartment complex. That's right you guys, this mother gave her baby to a stranger, someone she had never even seen before.


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The mother explained to Argo, who is also a mother, that she couldn't afford to take care of the baby and that she had six other children on top of some nearby mountain. WTF? According to Argo, the baby was cold, wearing only a onesie and thin hat. Dumbfounded, Argo said, "I looked at my neighbor and was like, 'She is not coming back ... ' and she didn't, and she never came back."

Police searched for the six children the mother had spoken of, but were unable to locate them. They were able to locate the mother who was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation because she wasn't making any sense and kept changing her story.

The father of the baby was at home with three other children and he told police that at some point the mother left the home with the baby and when she came back, she told him she had handed over the baby to the Arizona Department of Child Safety. The other children were unharmed and the baby was returned to the father.

I don't know what the heck is going on with that mother. Maybe she had some kind of a breakdown and if that's the case, I hope she gets the help she needs. She really put that baby in danger. She had no idea who she was giving the child to and what that person would do to the child. Thank goodness she somehow managed to choose a decent human being with children of her own.

Good luck to that father, those kids and that very disturbed mother.

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