The one thing I've promised myself this holiday season is to avoid waiting until the last minute to get gifts for everyone on my list. And since several of those on my list speak English and Spanish, including my children, I've already started searching for the perfect gifts for bilingual kids.

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Little Pim 1

Little Pim

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This is the perfect gift for a child who's just starting his or her bilingual journey. My kids love the adorable panda bear and the best part is that the DVDs are only just one way to teach kids a second languages, there's also apps, books and music! 

Amazon, $44.96


Little Passports 2

I had been wanting to get this awesome gift for my kids forever and I finally subscribed a couple of months ago. Every month, they get to explore a new country and they've already learned a lot about Brazil and Japan, the two countries we've gotten so far. Beside the world edition, there's a USA edition and they recently launched an edition for preschooler. 

Little Passports, $10.95 to $13.95 a month depending on subscription


Bilingual placemat 3

Bilingual placemat

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From their flashcards to their art prints, I like anything made by BebeBilingual, and this fun bilingual placemat is no exception. They have several themes to choose from and at least two languages, French and Spanish, too.

BebeBilingual on, $14.00

Coloreando CD 4

This fun CD by musician Marta Gomez and one of my favorite organizations that promotes bilingualism, Global Language Project, just won a Latin Grammy for Best Latin Children's album and once you hear it with your kids you'll see why. The CD is a copilation of traditional songs children sing in Latin America and I'm sure you know at least a couple of them. Congrats to Marta Gomez and GLP!

Global Language Project, $14.99


Bananagrams in Spanish 5

Bananagrams in Spanish

I started playing Banangrams in Spanish with my daughter as soon as she learned how to read and write. This games is lots of fun and the possibilities to teach your kids new vocabulary words are endless. 

Amazon, $9.74


Ingenio Mexico map puzzle 6

Ingenio Mexico map puzzle

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Teach your kids all about Mexico with this ingeneous puzzle map. It's fun and educational. Oh, and check out all the other Ingenio bilingual toys, there's something for everyone.

Amazon, $6.99


Zingo 7


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We've had this awesome game for quite a while in our home and my kids still love to take it out and challenge me. Beware, it can get pretty loud as your kids try to win. Perfect for teaching common vocab.

Amazon, $26.87

Mijita onesie 8

Mijita onesie

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Tell me this isn't the cutest onesie perfect for the future bilingual niña? And it's available for boys too!

Dos Borreguitas, $22


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen 9

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen

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Perfect for the bilingual baby/toddler. Change the mode to Spanish and kids can learn colors, numbers and a few songs in Spanish.

Amazon, $29.99

Magnetic poetry kit 10

Magnetic poetry kit

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I love these magnetic tiles to get your kids to practice their written Spanish. My daughter comes up with the craziest stuff and she leaves it there on the fridge for everyone to enjoy.

Amazon, $11.99