Child making a craft There is a special kind of bond that happens between abuelos and nietos. A bond that should be celebrated, nurtured and encouraged. A great way to let them know just how much they are appreciated is to make DIY keepsakes for grandparents. I promise you that they will mean so much more to both children and grandparents than anything store bought. I've put together a great round-up of ideas for you and your little creators too.

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10 DIY Gift Ideas for Grandparents
Click through this gallery of 10 Pinterest DIY ideas to make your kids' grandparents melt for inspiration! I suggest you look through it with your kids too and let them have a say in what craft they make for the abuelos as it will get them even more excited about the project.

Image via Thinkstock

Keychain tags 1

The instructions for making these keychain tags are super easy. Plus, you know the abuelos will love having their nietos pictures on their keys. You can have each child decorate their own tag and then add their photo to it.



Silhouette ornaments 2

Silhouette ornaments

Image via Nest of Posies

Not only are these silhouette ornaments adorable, they are the sort of gift that you could give every year to see how the kids' silhouettes change over time.


Picture frame luminarias 3

These picture frame luminaries are literally made with picture frames bought from the dollar store so you know they are affordable and priceless at the same time.

Family photo wreath 4

This family photo wreath is something the abuelos can keep up all year because family is always in season.


One of a kind chuchara de palo 5

One of a kind chuchara de palo

Image via Apartment Therapy

Come on! Tell me that a cuchara de palo decorated by grand kids isn't the PERFECT gift for abuelos? Basically, you make these one of a kind wooden spoons by having your kids draw on them with a pencil and then you use a wood burning tool to make the design permanent.

Love canvas 6

This canvas art is perfect for grandparents of toddlers. A toddler may be too young to help you draw or make something, but their adorable little hands and feet can certainly be turned into a loving gift.


Soap dispenser 7

Soap dispenser

Image Cocktail Mom

I adore this idea of personalizing a soap dispenser. Of course my wicked mind thinks of all the twisted possibilities like having your kids pose like they are trapped and can't get out. Hilarious!

Photo magnets 8

Photo magnets

Image via The Bump

With these adorable DIY thumbnail magnets, grandparents can display their grandkids' photos on the fridge without having to search for a separate magnet. Brilliant!


Bookmarks 9


Image via Eyes On The Source

These DIY grandchild bookmarks are going to make abuelos laugh every single time they look at them. So funny and adorable. 

Coasters 10

Abuelos are totally of the coaster generation. Gift them with DIY family photo coasters and they will use them ALL the time.