Uterus, rectum and liver stuffed toys are super popular

present, boxSweetie, what do you want for your birthday? Mom, I want a dissected Hello Kitty. Ugh? Mom, I want an I Heart Guts plush toy. I want a smiley kidney, a sad liver and an animated uterus? Yup! Do you picture yourself having this conversation with your child? Brace yourself mom, because you might have to. I Heart Guts is changing the way we think about cute toys and it's revolutionizing the toy industry. You thought the Ugly Dolls were unique? Think again, because the organ-shaped plush toys created by Wendy Bryan,  make the gross look beautiful.


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Wendy created her guts toy empire by mere chance. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she drew a broken heart and everything took off from there. Newly single, she was going out and drinking a lot, so she drew a sad liver. She started smoking and she imagined a stressed out lung. Bryan is an illustrator fascinated with anatomy, organs and all their functions. She was known for giving her friends valentine hearts made from laminated head cheese. Yes! She was also obsessed with making bread fetuses. Weird!

I think Wendy is on to something here. Her idea is very cool and her toys are a great way to teach children about their bodies. You can always tell your child that if he doesn't eat his vegetables his favorite blue intestine is going to cry. She has been in business since 2005 and her toys have been well received by marketers. I don't know anybody who owns one, but I have seen them around in museum stores. I love her creativity and the way she created an empire out of a bad relationship.

If your child is a plush toy lover, he might fall in love with one of these organ pals. They are colorful, friendly, sweet and they have a good story to tell. For instance, pink smiley rectum's motto is "Bringing Up The Rear" and he explains everything about poop release and happiness. I think Wendy's toys make an excellent present for someone who had surgery. I'm sure Mr. Kidney will be welcome in many homes. Maybe some of them have a place in mine.

Images via Corbis, I Heart Guts

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