Teacher kills & skins a live rabbit in front of his students

rabbit, choppedA biology teacher from Boise, Idaho wanted to explain to his tenth graders where food came from so he brought a live rabbit to class. In all fairness, the teacher warned the Columbia High School students about the lesson beforehand and allowed the ones who didn't feel comfortable to leave the classroom. Then he proceeded to break the bunny's neck with his bare hands, skin him and chop it in front of his high school pupils. Excuse me, but are we in the middle ages?


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Wow! This is the craziest thing I've heard in a long time. What kind of teacher DOES that? He probably had a mental meltdown and confused the classroom for a butcher shop. The Nampa School District is not taking the extreme teaching method lightly and they are investigating the situation. Allison Westfall, the school district spokesperson said that the teacher might face a disciplinary action because skinning and chopping a live rabbit is not part of the curriculum.

Unless those kids are enrolled in culinary school, I don't see the need to show how the rabbit gets from the field to their plate. Trust me, tenth graders are smart and old enough to know that every animal they eat was once alive in a cage before the farmer killed it and sent it to supermarkets. I can't believe that the teacher did that! If he wanted to shock students, he could have easily shown them one of the very realistic and gory documentaries available about our food sources. He didn't have to perform the very messy and dangerous practice in the classroom. Hello salmonella!

That teacher was completely irresponsible, not to mention he showed those kids how to kill an innocent animal. With all the crazy news we read every day about stabbings and shootings in schools around the country, we don't need this teacher's class on skinning and chopping a live animal to pieces. I hope this person gets arrested because he definitely did more damage than good. He violated every moral code and deserves to be punished. I hope there aren't violent consequences to his irresponsible behavior and that kids are safe in that school. As a parent, I'd be completely outraged if my child had witnessed something like this!

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