10 Things moms should do with their kids every day​

Things you should do with your kids every dayThere are some things that I go out of my way to do with my kids every day and I think you should too. I mean I'm not trying to be all bossy and put even more things on your to-do list. It's not like that at all. These are things you'll want to do as a parent, things I hope you are already doing. This list is just meant to be a gentle reminder of all the things that you are already doing right and a little nudge to do the things you are maybe forgetting about.


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1. Read to them. If they are too young to read on their own, read to them EVERY day. It doesn't have to be a lot, just a few minutes a day will help increase their vocabulary and turn them on to reading for the rest of their lives.

2. Tell them you love them. Even though they know it and feel it, go on and tell them every single day that you love them so that they never forget it and always carry that sense of your love with them everywhere they go.

3. Talk to them. Don't just talk at them and tell them what to do. Have actual conversations with them. You have as much to learn from them as they have to learn from you.

4. Listen to them. Really take the time to listen to them when they are talking to you. They need to know that you care about what they have to say and that you are paying attention.

5. Laugh, play and be silly with them. There is always time for laughter, playing and silliness no matter how busy the day.

6. Dream with them. Make plans for the future. Even if it's as simple as discussing what you want to do this weekend, what you want to watch on TV or listen to on the radio.

7. Exercise with them. If you exercise with them as children it will become a natural part of their lives. They will crave it. You can dance with them, go for walks, do yoga, just move with them.

8. Cook and eat with them. Shared meals are the best. Shared meals that they helped you cook are even better so I guess they are the bestest. 

9. Love on them. Kiss them, hug them, snuggle with them.

10. Make them love on you. Ask for kisses, hugs and snuggles. You deserve them!

I love my kids and I know you love yours. Let's make sure they know how much we love them.

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