Little girl sues mom for drinking while she was pregnant

In case you need more reason to avoid alcohol while pregnant, it turns out that your kid could sue you for it later. A 7-year-old British girl wants justice for suffering from fetal alcohol disorder because her mother drank heavily while she was pregnant. Children that are born with alcohol related defects suffer from growth, physical and mental issues. The child's guardians are now fighting to sue the mom, who was 17 years old when she was pregnant and drank bottles of vodka and beer on a daily basis. I'm sure this is sobering her up real fast!


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Experts have confirmed that the young girl's health has been affected by her mother's heavy drinking while expecting, reported The Times of London. The lawsuit claims that the mother is guilty of committing "a crime of violence" against her unborn baby. I get that moms get judged for stupid stuff all of the time, but drinking while pregnant takes the cake. She wasn't just drinking, but she was drinking excessively.

According to The Department of Health and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), women who are expecting should avoid consuming alcohol during pregnancy. At the minimum, pregnant moms are allowed to drink one to two drinks a week. This woman was downing bottles while she was pregnant! I think the young girl has every right to sue and try to seek justice.

The issue the London court has to face is whether the little girl was "legally considered a person at the time the injury took place." I understand that fetuses aren't seen as "human," but this young girl is alive now and having to live with the consequences of her drunk mother. The court ruled that unborn children are not considered "people," but her lawyers are appealing the results.

It must be awful to hear that you can't fight against the terrible crime your mom committed against you. She may just have to heal by going to therapy and moving on with her life. I hope the lady responsible for giving her life is done with having kids.

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