track baby's growthArgh!!! I could kick myself for not being better at documenting my childrens' growth and milestones. I had every intention of being one of those moms that took regular photos of her child especially during the first year in order to document their growth, but I have failed miserably. This is an area where I want you to do as I say and not as I have done, okay? I have some great ideas for tracking your baby's growth.

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I don't want you to regret all the photos you didn't take. Now that we live in a digital age taking photos of your kids isn't even expensive. You don't have to invest in high-end equipment. You can use a cell phone and end up with great images, so no excuses.

Click through these ten great ideas to track your baby's growth and get inspired. Also, if you have any suggestions of your own, please do share! -- Additional reporting Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

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Take Weekly Photos 1

This baby's name is Maya and her mother has committed to taking very creative weekly photos of her for the first year of her life. Each photo has a little sign in it telling how many weeks old Maya is. It's a brilliant idea and such a wonderful keepsake.


Spell it out with Blocks 2

Spell it out with Blocks

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Taking a photo of baby with blocks spelling out his age is a cute and colorful way to go. Plus, your kiddo can play with the blocks in between photo shoots, so you'll get more bang for your buck as far as props go.


Make Some Art 3

I actually just did my son's first footprint art, but after seeing this awesome canvas of baby's growing footprints, I wish I'd have thought of it earlier. There's nothing cuter than baby feet and it's so sweet to see how much they've grown, and yet still remain so tiny.

Use a Favorite Toy 4

Use a Favorite Toy

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Grab one of your little one's cutest plush toys and lay or sit him next to it for each month's photo. Of course it's sweet, but it also serves as a great comparison from where your baby started at birth.


Spring for Unique Stick Ons 5

Spring for Unique Stick Ons

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At this point, anyone with an Internet connection has probably seen a photo of a baby with a month sticker adhered to his onesie, but these rock 'n' roll tie stickers are an awesome twist on the idea. Search around on sites like Etsy for other unique adhesives to document your baby's growth.

Mark it on the Calendar 6

Mark it on the Calendar

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I love the idea of laying or sitting baby on a calendar each month. It's definitely an outside-of-the-box idea, that you can riff on a bit. Use a giant desk calendar or even a mini pocket version. If you're really crafty, you can draw a calendar or just the date on a chalkboard and pose baby next to it.


Blow up Some Balloons 7

Blow up Some Balloons

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These photos of a baby girl sitting next to balloons corresponding to her age are almost sickeningly cute. Of course the chair and backdrop are beautiful too, but they are part of what makes this idea completely customizable. Why not take your photos in a park or in your backyard or even in your baby's crib? So much fun!

Utilize Your Laundry 8

I'd bet that almost every new parent has a few loads of neglected laundry lying around, so this should be an easy shot to remember to take. It's a great excuse to use when your mom visits and asks why you haven't put it away yet. Oh and most babies really love being put inside baskets and boxes, so you'll likely get some funny pictures that show a lot of personality.


Use a Chalkboard 9

Use a Chalkboard

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How easy is it to use a chalkboard to write your baby's age on and then take a photo. I love this idea!

Use a tape measure 10

Use a tape measure

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What better way to measure your child's growth than to actually measure your child's growth and photograph it?