Mother's breastfeeding photo FINALLY gets Facebook to change its policies​!

mother's nursing picture banned from FBEmma Bond gave birth to baby girl Carene on October 3, 12 weeks before the baby was due. Carene was born weighing only 2 pounds, 2 ounces. Carene's prospects for survival were not good and Bond says, "We were told to get the priest in--she wasn't meant to last past her third day. Premature babies are prone to bleeds on the brain and she had a bleed on her lungs also." So you can imagine how ecstatic this 24-year-old mother must be that her child has survived and what an absolute thrill it must have been the first time the baby was able to breastfeed. Bond was so excited about nursing for the first time, that she posted a picture of the momentous occasion on Facebook only to have the nursing photo banned "because it didn't follow the Facebook Community Standards regarding nudity." Oh for crying out loud Facebook! Don't worry, Bond fought back.


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Bond posted the photo on Sunday and it was only visible to her "friends" on Facebook, so presumably one of her friends is the person who complained. So lame. Anyway, Bond was pissed, so she uploads the photo to a pro-lactation group on Facebook where it got 166,000 likes and 22,000 shares, but then people started to notice that their links to the photo were being deleted.

Eventually Facebook got it's digital head out of it's digital arse and revised it's policy and a representative said,

Facebook [has] modified the way it reviews reports of nudity to better examine the context of the photo or image. As a result of this, photos that show a nursing mothers' other breast will be allowed even if it is fully exposed, as will mastectomy photos showing a fully exposed other breast.

Well, it's about effin' time Facebook, what took so long?

The reason Bond's photo was considered offensive is because it showed some of her nipple. Yeah, that happens when you are nursing, especially a tiny child that can't cover the entire thing with it's teen tiny mouth. You can see what I'm talking about below.


Bond never got an actual apology from Facebook and although she's glad they have changed their policy, she doesn't think it should have taken such an online army to get them to do it. I agree.

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