Woman tells ex she's pregnant via Facebook, puts baby up for adoption

Don't you just hate when you miss an important Facebook message because it was somehow sent to your spam folder? Ugh, it's the worst. You have to go through all the trouble of explaining to the sender that, no, you weren't ignoring them. You just didn't see their message. Or, if you're Billy McCall, you have to explain to the Oklahoma Supreme Court that you never actually received the Facebook message your ex claims she sent informing you that you she was having your baby and considering giving it up for adoption. Wait, THAT's the worst!


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According to McCall, he was engaged in a three-month relationship with his daughter's biological mother two years ago, but hadn't heard so much as a peep (or tweet) from her since their split. However, his ex says that's not true. She did reach out. She totally sent him a Facebook message to let him know she was pregnant with his baby, so there! Yeah, no. You see, whether she did in fact send the message or not, McCall never received it, proving that although Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family and posting crazy cat videos, it is NOT a reliable means of informing someone that they're about to become a parent. It appears the Oklahoma Supreme Court agrees. They've ruled in McCall's favor, essentially saying Facebook is not "sufficient to meet the requirements of due process," reports kfor.com. Ya think? That really should go without saying.

Facebook messages are notoriously unreliable. Messages get rerouted and lost for numerous reasons. Your inbox could be full. Or the sender may be on your blocked list. Or, perhaps, the person never actually sent the message in the first place. Yeah, that last one happens a lot more often than you think. Though, we may never know what actually happened in McCall's case. All we do know is that the poor man is now locked in a bitter custody battle for his daughter who has been living with her adoptive parents for pretty much her entire little life. That's terrible. And to think, all of this happened because her biological mother couldn't be bothered to, at the very least, pick up the phone and tell her father that she was about to make her grand entrance into the world.

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