We finally get to see Ninel Conde's baby Emmanuel! The 38-year-old mother of two recently showed off her new bundle of joy for TV Notas. This newborn has had more baby showers than any celeb baby we know! With all of the photos Conde shared during her pregnancy, we can't help but feel part of the familia. The Mexican actress posed alongside her boyfriend and baby's father Giovanni Medina. They look like such a sweet family together…


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The couple posed in baby Emmanuel's nursery complete with a white crib fit for a mini king. Ninel gave birth to her son on October 21st and shared with fans a few days later, "Welcome baby Emmanuel--I love you piece of my being." It's nice to see Ninel in a new light. Most of us know her as a controversial bombshell that always has a new tabloid headline.

Earlier this year, there were chismes that Ninel was planning on having an abortion once she found out she was expecting. "I am a mother, I will never terminate a pregnancy, I have a daughter, I would never do something like that," she confirmed to the media. She is seriously never cut a break!

Maybe having a baby will make her settle down and change her image. It seems like things are going well with her and Giovanni, who stirred up breakup rumors at the start of her pregnancy. Ninel deserves to have a peaceful maternity leave with her baby just like the rest of us do. I'm sure in a couple of months she will be flaunting her post-baby body since she spent most of her final trimester at the gym like a BOSS. For all we know she probably gave birth to the baby at the gym!

Whatever makes you happy, Ninel. No shade.

Images via Ninel Conde/Instagram, Revista TV y Notas

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