9 Lies my Latina mom told me about men

stereotypes about menMy mami taught me many great and useful things. Much of her advice has served me well and there have been times when I have definitely regretted not heeding her wisdom. But there is one area in life where I did not listen to mami's advice and I am so glad I didn't. I'm sorry to say that there are things my Latina mother taught me about men that are WRONG. I should say, things she tried to teach me about men, but I never learned and thank goodness for that.


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Now, perhaps the following things are true of some men, but they aren't true of the men that have crossed my path romantically and I'm so glad because I wouldn't want to be with a man who is so limiting and controlling. I have no plans to teach any of this nonsense to my daughters either, because roles are to be played by actors, not strong mujeres who have as much to contribute as any man. 

Here are nine untruths that my mother taught me about men:

1. Men expect you to cook for them. I can cook, but so can my husband and he's actually better at it than I am, so he does most of the cooking. Of course he likes it when I cook for him, but he does not expect it.

2. Men don't like women who are taller than them. I can tell you that at 5 feet, 10 inches, I have never had a scarcity of men shorter than I am come on to me. One even told me that he would need a ladder to kiss me, but that he didn't mind.

3. Men don't like opinionated women who challenge them. Really? I beg to differ.

4. Men won't marry a woman who isn't a virgin. Okay, even my mother doesn't believe this one as she's been married three times and I'm pretty sure she wasn't a virgin all three times.

5. You should always defer to the opinion of a man. Uh, not if he's wrong!

6. Men want to take care of you financially. I don't think there is a  man on the planet that doesn't want to make a good living and provide for his family if he chooses to have one, but that doesn't mean they want to be or should be your everything financially. Too much pressure.

7. Men like women who are demure. Straight men like women, some like them demure, some like them raunchy and some like a bit of both in the woman of their dreams.

8. All men are cheaters. Bull to the caca. If you believe that, then you better believe that all the men you attract into your life are going to be cheaters. Enjoy.

9. A good man is a family man. Maybe, but there are some good men out there who don't want children and there are plenty of women out there who don't want children either, so there you go.

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