Shakira: "My son keeps me focused on what's truly important"

Playtime is getting a remix! Shakira is launching a line of baby toys, which will be available in November (and just in time for the holidays). Shakira's Fisher-Price toy line will include six products including a piano gym and a musical soccer ball inspired by the father of her two children and pro-soccer player, Gerard Pique. How sweet is that! No wonder her son Milan already knows how to read in Spanish! She is raising a mini genius and now we can too… 


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The Colombian pop star is making sure all of the proceeds go to her Barefoot Foundation, which she launched earlier in her career. The organization is dedicated to providing quality education and building schools in Colombia and Latin America.

Along with the products, Shakira has launched a web-series that discusses motherhood, why playtime is important and much more. 

On what being a mom means to her:

I feel like I really want to talk to the moms. Because now I understand exactly what they feel like and we also need to know how important it is to stimulate our children. It's so critically important to talk to them, to play with them, to read them books. It's great to sing to your child too; to dance with your child. By playing we end up learning so much from our children. We get so much information from them and from ourselves as well.

On how motherhood changed her:

Becoming a mother has changed me in many ways; subtle ways, but has changed me nonetheless. Babies need schedules, and they need structures and discipline too--that has made me more disciplined and structured and more respectful of my own time. Because my son keeps me focused on what's truly important. 

This makes us love Shakira even more! She isn't one of these celebs flaunting her kid for more media attention. Her hope is to continue raising awareness and funds for children who don't have access to quality education. With her huge social media presence and love for being a mami, it's no wonder the toy company picked her to partner with. 

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