We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street!

sesame streetEver since we were kids, we've been asking for directions to Sesame Street, but never actually stopped to consider where is this famous spot? The show's producers have dropped hints and recognizable scenes in its settings, but they've never come out and said where the curious can go for a stroll down Sesame Street. While clues gathered from watching the show place the fictional neighborhood in New York City, the Huffington Post has a gathered a few of the likely locations for this muppet wonderland.


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Astoria, Queens
Not only is it the most diverse neighborhood in New York City, which would be a welcoming home to Big Bird and friends, but Sesame Street is actually filmed at Kaufman Astoria Studios. So technically speaking, getting to Sesame Street would land you in Queens.

Lincoln Center
This area holds the Sesame Workshop offices and the neighborhood (at least how it used to look back when the show first aired) was the inspiration for the show's setting and look.

Upper East Side/Upper West Side
If you pay attention to the subway station that appears on Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, the characters catch the train at 86th Street. Those who say it's on the East Side cite a fire engine company that appears in Elmo Visits the Firehouse that is located in East Harlem as further proof while west side theorists list the fact that the 72nd Street 1/2/3 train station is the inspiration for the subway entrance on the show.

Alphabet City
Sesame Street creator Joan Ganz Cooney once said that she originally wanted to name the show 123 Avenue B, which would place its location right in Alphabet City in the East Village, but the name was scrapped for a more universal title. Still, the area has served as inspiration for the show's settings.

So there you have it! If you're ever in New York City, take a tour with your little ones and see if they can pinpoint the neighborhood they feel best represents the show that dominated so many of our childhoods.

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