Kim Kardashian proves North looks EXACTLY like her with throwback picture

Ever noticed how much North West resembles her mama? If you haven't, then you certainly will now after checking out this side-by-side Kim Kardashian posted to Instagram this week. No, I'm not referring to the picture featured here. The split shot shows a current picture of North with a throw back snap of Kim when she was baby. The two share such a striking resemblance you'd think Kim made Nori all by herself. Talk about strong Kardashian genes!


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I'll never forget the first photo of baby North Kim had shared on Instagram. She was super cute and looked a lot like both Kim and Kanye. But as she's gotten older, she's starting to take more after her mom. I didn't even recognize the resemblance until now. The photo Kim posted to Instagram literally blew my mind. North literally looks like she could be baby Kim's twin. They have the same beautiful, big eyes (even the shape is the same), the same brows, the same plump pout, the same nose, even a similar face shape. The only features they don't share in common is Kim's straight hair and olive skin. North has more of a tan/caramel-ish complexion and soft curly hair which is clearly a mix of both parents. It's no wonder Kim captioned the photo, "Me/North #MiniMe." She's SO right!

It's crazy how similar Kim and Nori look! They have almost the same exact features. If they look so alike at this age, imagine how North is going to look when she's older? Hopefully like Kim, right? That would certainly make Kanye happy. I'll never forget that time he appeared on Kris Jenner's show talking about North's appearance. "She has Kim's eyes and Kanye's cheeks," Kris had said of her granddaughter. "Some days she has your lips, some days she has Kim's lips." Then Kanye added that he'd prefer if North came out more like Kim. "I pray she looks like her mother when she is older," he said.

Kanye might just have his prayer answered, because if Nori is already resembling her mother so much now, imagine how she'd look in 20 years? Move over Kylie Jenner, North is definitely the next Kim K in the family!

Images via Grosby Group, Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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