baby in pumpkin How you doin' today? You okay? Could you use a little something to make you smile? 'Cause I've got just the thing for you: babies in pumpkins. How did I not know this was a thing when my babies were babies? If I had known you'd better believe I would have shoved those cuties in pumpkins and happily snapped pictures of them because I don't think I've ever seen carved pumpkins look better than when they are filled with babies.

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Honestly, I don't even like to carve pumpkins I think it's way too messy, but that's before I knew you could stick a cute baby in your pumpkin after all the effort.

Click through this adorable photo gallery of babies in pumpkins and then if you have a baby at your disposal, I suggest you put that baby in a pumpkin right quick before they get too big to fit or big enough to put up a fight.

Image via Thinkstock

Tops off 1

Tops off

Image via arestottahll/Instagram

Okay, the way the top of this pumpkin is placed to look like it's the baby's kind of top hat is too funny. Even the baby is laughing.


Natural 2


Image via its_ec/Instagram

I know this shot took some planning and yet it looks so natural to have a baby sitting in a pumpkin out in nature, no?


Pumpkin averse 3

Pumpkin averse

Image via sandiipopp/Instagram

Clearly this baby has some kind of a pumpkin allergy. Get him out!

Twinsies 4


Image via laustiintime/IOnstagram

Come on! As if one baby in a pumpkin weren't irresistible enough. Twins? You're gonna hit me with twin babies in pumpkins? I give up.


Be careful 5

Be careful

Image via i_am_silver/Instagram

That pumpkin is bigger than that 4-month-old baby. That baby could get lost in there.


Nap time 6

Nap time

Image via oharephotog/Instagram

Only a baby could sleep this soundly in a pumpkin.


Not convinced 7

Not convinced

Image via cwag728/Instagram

This baby does not seem convinced that this is the best seat in the joint.

Room to grow 8

Room to grow

Image via melainalynnn/Instagram

This pumpkin is a little roomy around the top, don't you think?


Cheeks to match 9

Cheeks to match

Image via cf_figther23/Instagram

Look at this baby's cheeks! They are as round and full as the pumpkin she's in. So cute!

Surprise 10


Image via karissableily/Instagram

Did someone order a baby in a pumpkin?