5 Home remedies that will save your nipples from breastfeeding​

Breastfeeding can help create such an amazing bond between mother and child, but sometimes that comes with a price: sore nipples. Soreness caused by breastfeeding can be incredibly painful and irritating for a new mom. Thankfully there are natural home remedies out there that can help solve the issue. You don't have to put up with sore and dry nipples caused by breastfeeding. Here are five simple solutions.


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  1. Aloe Vera: This stuff isn't just good for skin rashes and sunburn. Aloe vera contains healing properties that can soothe irritated skin and help with pain relief. First, clean the nipple area with a warm damp towel. Take an aloe leaf, cut it open and extract the natural cream inside of the leaf. Apply the substance on the nipple area and repeat several times a day if needed.

  2. Breast Milk: Your own breast milk can help cure the painful soreness from breastfeeding. The antibodies found in breast milk helps cure acne and irritated skin. Consider it a top grade ointment that prevents germs and heals. Apply drops of breast milk on the nipple and allow it to completely dry. Repeat as much as needed throughout the day.

  1. Warm cloth: A warm cloth is one of the cleanest and safest ways to help cure soreness from breastfeeding. Tea bags used to be recommended as well, but studies found that the tannic acid in tea bags were not good for the skin or the baby. Went a small towel with warm water and ring it out. Then place on breasts for about ten minutes.

  2. Olive or coconut oil: Sometimes the soreness leads to sensitive dry and cracked skin. According to Top Home Remedies, warm up olive oil or coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds and massage a small amount on the surface of your nipples.

  3. An ice pack: This won't be the most comfortable option, but it will do the job. This will help calm the affected area and reduce the swelling. Place the ice pack on your breasts for just a few minutes. You can continue doing this several times a day to relieve the pain and reduce soreness.

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