WATCH: Airborne bouncy castle crashes down striking baby on the head

Children's fairs should be about fun and games, but sometimes they are a magnet for tragedies. Parents at a funfair in Shanghai, China watched in horror as their kids literally flew in the air as a very strong wind lifted a massive bouncy castle. The accident was caught on camera and it's terrifying! Thirteen children, including a newborn baby were severely injured and rushed to the hospital. Officials are now conducting an investigation because clearly the bouncy castle wasn't secured properly to the ground.


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This is just terrible! The kids were jumping and having fun and suddenly they were tossed around and slammed on the ground as if hey were made of paper. Really scary! When the strong wind blew off the castle, the massive structure twisted and turned upside down. One of the metal pieces struck a two-week-old baby on the head and now she has a serious injury and is recovering. What a tragedy! I actually watched the video several times because I couldn't believe it was real. You'll see!

I have to tell you, I'm terrified of bouncy castles. A couple of years ago, my husband, my five-year-old and I were jumping in one when suddenly the castle started deflating. I'm telling you, it happened so fast, we were buried underneath the heavy plastic in seconds. We couldn't lift it off our bodies because it was too heavy. We almost died that day suffocated underneath the massive bouncy castle! Thankfully, the operators acted fast and plugged the thing back on and it filled with air again. It was a close call!

Just like the one in China, the wind blew away the power source cable, but luckily, our castle was secured to the ground and didn't fly away. In the video, you can see the operators trying to hold down the castle, but couldn't because the castle was too big and it was upside down. Clearly, negligence had to do with this accident because it should have been well-anchored to the ground. According to the authorities the kids were treated for their injuries and they are expected to recover. All's well that ends well, but I'm not taking my kids to any bouncy house anytime soon!

Image via Corbis

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