swaddled babyThis morning I wrote about something so horrifying that I immediately wanted to cleanse my being of it. What to do, what to do? Should I look at picture of cats or puppies on the internet? Then it came to me: #babyburritos! No, it's not because I'm hungry and craving a small burrito. It's because I knew that if I searched the internet for #babyburritos, I was bound to come up with some adorable photos of swaddled babies and boy did I ever. I came up with a motherload. Ha!

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I'm telling you, you owe it yourself to click through this photo gallery of babies and not so babies swaddled in a way that makes them look like baby burritos. You will thank me for it later.

Image via Thinkstock

One of these is way cuter 1

One of these is way cuter

Image via thetretre/Instagram

Wow, this just goes to show how ridiculously big burritos we eat can be. I mean they are almost as big as a baby!


Twofer 2


Image via kelwall/Instagram

Oh my ovaries, these two little burritos are adorable and so snugly.


Patterned cuties 3

Patterned cuties

Image via lizziemcguire8/Instagram

I had no idea that swaddled babies could be so stylish! I love the stripes, but the leopard print is GREAT, so Snooki worthy.

Twinsies 4


Image via mrsmarymendez/Instagram

Seriously, this much cuteness makes the world a better place. I love how their heads are facing the same direction.


Mommy and baby burrito 5

Mommy and baby burrito

Image via johnne86/Instagram

I think this photo is so adorable. The caption on Instagram reads, "I wrapped up both mommy and Natalea into burritos. #Babyburritos #burritos." Look at them, they are both OUT!


Burrito flashback 6

Burrito flashback

Image via risa_jones/Instagram

As if we needed proof that baby burritos grow up way too fast.


Baby with an actual burrito 7

Baby with an actual burrito

Image via jenkane/Instagram

I can't tell if that baby wants to eat the burrito or if the burrito wants to eat the baby.

Super burritos 8

Super burritos

Image via i_am_piper/Instagram

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a couple of burritos!


Chevron striped 9

Chevron striped

Image via thatgirlwith5kids/Instagram

Twins in chevron stripes! Be still my heart.

Lean on me 10

Lean on me

Image via thistxlife/Instagram

I just love how the one baby is all leaning on the other. You know that's totally on purpose. Babies love to feel the warmth of another person.


Actual baby burrito 11

Actual baby burrito

Image via kaarliemarie/Instagram

No, there is no baby wrapped up in this tortilla, I just thought you should see what an actual baby burrito looks like. Isn't she cute?