Shakira & Pique fighting over Milan's future

What a beautiful family! Shakira's son Milan is practically a child prodigy. The Colombian singer's 1-year-old son attended his first day of school last month and already knows how to read in Spanish. If that is not a baby genius I don't know what is. Reportedly, Shakira and her partner Gerard Piqué have been discussing Milan's career future and it seems like his dad has already made up his mind for him. 


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In a recent interview with Spanish media, Pique admitted that he would love Milan to become a professional soccer player when he is older. The 27-year-old father of two, who plays for the FC Barcelona team, said, "If I had to pick I would want him to be a soccer player, but I will be happy with whatever he decides." Good answer!

It is only natural to want your child to follow in your footsteps or be into the same kind of hobbies, but forcing it is never a healthy thing. Milan has been photographed rocking his soccer gear, which means he will probably be kicking goals before he is potty trained. I do commend Shakira and Gerard for starting Milan in school so early on. Clearly, he is already developed in his language and reading skills.

With Shakira's passion for education, I wouldn't be surprised if Milan turns out to be a teacher, doctor or lawyer. I hate when celeb kids decide to go into entertainment. Most of the time things are just made too easy for them, which leaves the real talented "nobodies" out there unemployed.

I think that instead of pushing Milan in one direction, they should encourage him to be anything he wants to be. He is too young to really be deciding that stuff anyway. Right now, he should be dancing around aimlessly and learning new words with his mother. I have to give it to him though, he does look really freaking cute in a soccer uniform.

Images via Gerard Pique/Instagram

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