Toilet 1


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This is funny, but I wouldn't want to inadvertently give anyone the idea that it is okay to dump on my kid.


Smokes 2


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I'm all for family unity and stuff, but this is just not right.


Single smoke 3

Single smoke

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In case your child is not big enough to be a whole pack of smokes, you could have them be a cigarette. Okay, I know this one is bad, but it's so freakin' cute!

Mr. T 4

Mr. T

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Now, I'm a big fan of babies and a big fan of Mr. T, but this is too weird. I both worried about the baby's face being covered like that and also kind of offeneded because it reminds me of blackface.


Pimp 5


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What parent wouldn't want to dress their son up as a pimp? It's so dapper.


Phat pimp 6

Phat pimp

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You know in case being a regular pimp doesn't cut it for your kid, you could get them a phat pimp costume instead. Isn't it nice to have pimp options?


Teenage ho 7

Teenage ho

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Don't worry, I know the person in this picture looks like an adult, but the listing for this sexy ho costume says it comes in a teen size. What a relief!

Marijuana 8


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Tell me that is not THE cutest baby marijuana plant you have ever seen?


Major Flirt 9

Really, should we be celebrating such young girl's ability to flirt? And if so, I wonder if she can give me some tips.

Gangster 10

I'll admit the kid looks dapper in the suit and hat, but should we really be promoting gun violence. As far as I know gangsters don't use weapons to go hunting for animals in the woods.