I'm a sucker for family Halloween costumes! They're easy to buy or make in bulk, there's little to no competition between siblings over who looks cooler in their costume, and should you have a wanderer on your hands, they'll be easy to spot from a mile away.

And besides being super practical, family and group costumes are great fun for everyone involved. Not only will you make lasting family memories (and take really "heart"-worthy Instagram pics, but you'll get to spend some extra quality time together as you plan and execute the family costume of the century. That sounds like a straight-up treat to me.

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The nicest thing about group costumes is that you can find one to literally suit just about any family. Whether you have big kids or little kids, five kids or one baby, there is a family costume theme out there for you all. So gather your family around the computer and get to clickin', because somewhere among these 24 family Halloween costumes lies the perfect theme for you.

Image via MyFriendBettySays.com

Dora the Explorer 1

Dora the Explorer

Image via treehousetv

No one would blame you if you decided to swipe this cute costume idea!


Mexican fiesta 2

It's all fun and games until someone beats the piñata. Be safe and keep the palos away from the kids.



Three little piggies and the big bad wolf 3

You can bring the classic children's fable Three Little Pigs to life on the cheap! All you need are some pink shirts, cute little pig snouts, and a big bad daddy (or mommy or tio or tia) willing to wear a faux fur vest.


Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh, my! 4

Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh, my!

Image via treehousetv.com

Oh my, this is creative! Who needs Dorothy when you have lions and tigers and bears this adorable?


Alice in Wonderland 5

Alice in Wonderland

Image via Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram


Dia de los Muertos 6

I love culturally relevant costumes. Especially when you can wear them two days in a row.


Football players and refs 7

Football players and refs

Image via Lady_huff/Instagram

This family scores major points with this super adorable group costume. It's so cute I may even forgive them for being Eagles fans.

Franken family 8

Franken family

Image via Neil Patrick Harris/Twitter

Neil Patrick Harris' family is so cute, it's scary!


The Little Mermaid 9

I want to be part of this family's world!

Up 10

Two thumbs way up for this family's Up-themed costume. I only wish they included a squirrel!


The Flintstones 11

The Flintstones

Image via costume-works.com

This is a yaba daba dooo, right down to the cute little Stone Age coche! All that's missing is Dino.

Gru and Crew 12

Gru and Crew

Image via costume-works.com

Gru and crew are not your average family, but they are a family nonetheless!


M&Ms 13

How sweet is this family costume idea?

Yo Gabba Gabba 14

Yo Gabba Gabba

Image via dixie_rose/Instagram

You won't have to play the, "Soooo, what are you supposed to be?" game! Everyone knows Yo Gabba Gabba. EVERYONE!


Cinderella 15


Image via andrealbaker/Instagram

I love that the little girl's dad is her first-ever Prince Charming.


BLT 16

Who doesn't love a BLT?


Mommy's favorite pregnancy cravings 17

Great costume for any mommy who has two scrumptious kiddies and bun in the oven.


Lego family 18

Lego family

Image via costume-works.com

Why fit in when you can stand out?



Puppet master and doll 19

Perfect for the dad who wants to pretend that he has any sort of control over his preteen daughter. Ha!


Beetlejuice 20

I'm dead serious when I say this is my favorite family costume idea of all time!



Carebears 21


Image via indulgy.com

These parents obviously "Care-a-lot" about giving their babies a fun-filled Halloween.


Condiments 22


The Incredibles 23

Boom! Pow! Wow, The Incredibles are quickly becoming a classic family Halloween costume.

Miss Fizzle and the Magic School Bus 24

Explore the magic of Halloween as everyone's favorite kooky teacher and her favorite ride.