Botched circumcision is every parent's worst nightmare

botched circumcisionStacie Willis of Georgia was apprehensive about getting her newborn son circumcised, but she decided to have the procedure done and what happened is horrifying. She says, "I had concerns about this from the beginning" and then when the tip of her son's penis was cut off during the circumcision "it was like reality had just smacked me in the face."

OMG, can you imagine? This botched circumcision is a total life changer for her son Dejuan who is now almost 1 year old and Willis isn't letting it go, she's fighting so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.


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Willis is filing a $2 million dollar lawsuit against Life Cycle where the circumcision was performed, the clinic's owner Anne Siguin and nurse-midwife Melissa Jones, who performed the circumcision. Willis says, "To me it's not about the money. To me it's more of making sure she's not allowed to do anything like this to any other child."

Willis feels terrible that her son was permanently mutilated. She says, "I feel like you stole his whole teenage years, his whole adult life.' This is a very big deal you guys. I think Jonathan Johnson, Wllis' attorney, is not exaggerating when he says, "It's shocking. It's catastrophic. I don't know what other extreme words you could use about someone having essentially the end of their penis amputated, for a male, is almost the worst thing you can imagine."

This child is going to grow up and I can't even imagine the type of stigma that he is going to feel because a part of his penis is missing. How do you even broach the subject with potential partners? It's too much.

I feel like I dodged such a bullet by having girls. Circumcision in my opinion is not a decision to be taken lightly. Yes, I've heard all the arguments for it, but you cannot convince me that it is necessary. Not to share too much information, but I have been privy to circumcised as well as uncircumcised partners and from an intimate standpoint I can tell you there is nothing wrong or gross or dirty or scary about an uncircumcised penis.

My heart truly goes out to this little boy Dejuan. I wish I could say this is the only case of a botched circumcision that I've ever heard of, but that's not true by a longshot.

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