Mother bites and throws baby because he wouldn't stop crying

baby feetA heartless mother abused her 6-week-old baby after it did what most newborns do - cry a lot! Dawn Elisabeth Greene of Highlands, Texas allegedly bit her baby, beat him with an unknown object, and then threw him on the ground. What kind of monster mom would do this to their own flesh and blood?


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Greene was arrested after a relative discovered the bruises and teeth marks on the baby. He even had internal bleeding in the head when admitted into the Memorial Hermann Hospital. The child's father, Dustin Autrey, said he had been fighting to get custody, but his name was never included in the birth certificate and he was worried that Greene would end up hurting the child. Why? Because she's bitten Autrey in the past, too! Apparently she just loses her mind when she gets drunk. To have your baby left with teeth marks all over his little legs and hit so hard that it results in internal bleeding is just too painful to think about. The fact that his own mother caused these injuries makes it clear that she has no clue as to how to be a good caregiver.

Babies are going to cry and often. Did she somehow miss that memo? If you don't have the patience to properly care for a child without resorting to violence or pain and you don't care to learn how to control your anger management problems so you can provide for your child then I'm sorry, but someone needs to step in and take care of him for you while you figure yourself out. The newborn is currently in the custody of relatives while Greene is being held without bond. Her teeth and hands were even classified as deadly weapons and after learning of the damage she caused her son, I'm not surprised. If that's how you want to use your hands instead of holding and hugging your child and making him feel loved and nurtured then your butt deserves to be behind bars or undergoing some serious mental treatment. That child didn't ask to be brought into this world and certainly doesn't deserve to be mistreated because of your issues.

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