Top 5 Tips for caring for kid's curls

I get so frustrated whenever I see moms neglecting their kid's curly hair. I especially see this happen a lot with straight-haired mamas. Listen, I'm not judging, I'm just saying it's frustrating to see. But I can understand how challenging it could be to care for your child's curly hair especially if you weren't born with rizos of your own. Believe me--I get it!


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I have thick, curly hair so I guess you could consider me somewhat of a curl expert. I mean I have been dealing with the curls on my head for 28 years now. Starting off, it might seem like a challenge but once you get the hang of it, styling your little one's curls will become easy as pie. Here's everything you need to know when it comes to taking care of your kid's curly hair.

Don't brush it: Step away from the hair brush! Brushing out curls leads to frizz, breakage and more frizz. You want to make sure you always use a wide tooth comb when detangling your child's hair. Also, only comb when your kid's hair is soaked and has a detangling conditioner in it. I also recommend finger combing. It's probably one of the best tricks in the book!

Don't use sulfate-filled shampoos: The less chemicals the better. Not only is this safer for your kid, but shampoos that contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals tend to be harsh on curls, leading to dryness and poof. You want to look for a conditioning cleanser that's not going to strip their hair of it's natural oils.

Always use a leave-in conditioner: You want to make sure you always apply a leave-in conditioner to curls before styling. It keeps hair hydrated and soft. Then follow up with a curl cream. Gels and mousse formulas can easily dry out curls.

Don't towel dry it: No I'm not saying you should let your kid run around with soaking, wet hair. I'm just letting you know that towel-drying can cause frizz. Use an old T-shirt instead. Or if you really need to use a towel, opt for a microfiber one.

Find them a curly hairstylist: The only way to maintain healthy curls is with the right cut. With that said, not every stylist knows how to cater to curls. Look for a good one and stick with them until death does you part. Yes, I'm serious. You know how hard it is to find a curly stylist?

Make it fun: You never EVER want to make your kid feel like their hair is a headache. That's just asking for them to develop a complex, this is especially the case for little curls. Remind her of how gorgeous her curls are and never let her see your frustration. I also suggest teaching her how to care for it herself unless you plan on washing and styling her hair throughout high school too!

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