One way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is by making Hispanic arts & crafts with your kids. Since I'm not very crafty, but my kids love making stuff with their hands, I'm always looking for easy ones. And nothing could be easier and more fun than making maracas!

We've made maracas in the past, as you'll see in the slideshow below, but I imagined there was probably a bunch of different ways of making these fun instruments that all kids love and I was right! Below, you'll find 10 maraca crafts that range from the super easy to the more elaborate. 

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My favorite part about this Hispanic craft is that you only need a few materials to make maracas and that the end product is something your kids will really love. In fact, my daughter liked the ones she made so much, that she decided to share them with her school friends. 

Paper mache maracas 1

Don't these look absolutely adorable? I know my kids would love working on creating these maracas because there's paper mache involved and what kid doesn't like the mess it makes?

Get the full DIY instructions from Beauty All Around.


Egg shell maracas 2

Egg shell maracas

Image via

If you've done Cascarones before, then it'll be easy to help your kids make these empty egg shell maracas. Ingenious!

Get the full DIY instructions from Red Ted Art.


Plastic water bottle maracas 3

If you drink bottled water, this is the craft for you! Recyle all those empty small bottles by making cool maracas!

Get the full DIY instructions from Making Multicultural Music.

Styrofoam cups maracas 4

You make these with Styrofoam cups, which means your kids can decorate them however they want with any old marker or paint. 

Get the full DIY instructions from Macaroni Kids.


Plastic egg maracas #1 5

Plastic egg maracas #1

Image via

Making maracas can't get any easieer than this. You really only need four materials and you're done! 

Get the full DIY instructions from Free Fun Easter.


Plastic egg maracas #2 6

Plastic egg maracas #2

Image via

This is another way of making maracas using those Easter eggs that my kids and I actually made last year. The main difference from the ones before is that you use Duct tape to cover the entire thing. My kids decided to decorate with stickers, but you don't have to. 

Get the full DIY instructions from SpanglishBaby.


Milk bottle cap maracas 7

Milk bottle cap maracas

Image via

Aren´t these just the cutest things for little hands? I think this is a super simple craft that your kids will really like!

Get the full DIY instructions from The Craft Train.

Lunch bag maracas 8

Lunch bag maracas

Image via

It would've never occurred to me that you can use brown lunch bags to make maracas, but I guess that goes to show that you can use pretty much anything. Cool!

Get the full DIY instructions from She Knows.


Toilet paper roll maracas 9

Toilet paper roll maracas

Image via

Another reason why it's such a good idea to save those empty toilet paper rolls. There are so many crafts your kids can make with them, like maracas!

Get the full DIY instructions from Education.

Yogurt cups maracas 10

Yogurt cups maracas

Image via

My kids are big yogurt eaters, so I'm going to start saving the cups so we can work on this craft.

Get the full DIY instructions from First Palette.