5 Things parents with babies should NEVER do at a restaurant

things you should not do with a a baby at a restaurantHoly baby crap it happened again! A baby's stinky diaper was changed in a restaurant dining room by parents who see nothing wrong with having mierda out in the open where people eat. Ack! This time around the incident went down at a Chipotle restaurant in the Midwest. A father and mother were there with their 16-month-old daughter and when the the mother went to change the baby's dookie diaper there was no changing table in the restroom, so naturally she decided to take care of the matter in the dining area because surely no one minds eating anywhere near an adorable baby's poop. Por Díos, people, get a clue!

Yes, the restaurant should have a changing table since they have a kids menu, but them not having one does not give parents permission to break any health codes for crying out loud. Ugh! I can't believe this even has to be said, but apparently it does, so why don't we just go through a few restaurant no-nos where babies are involved, okay?


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Parents, I love you, I am one of you, I support you in trying to make this world more family friendly, but let's set a few ground rules of things we are not to do when we are at a restaurant with a baby.

1. Do not change your baby's diaper where people eat. I said it before, but I will say it again because parents keep doing it: do not change your child's diaper in the dining room. It's not cute, it's not sanitary and no excuse that you come up with will ever make it okay.

2. Do not let your baby play with steak knives. Steak knives are for steaks not for babies. Yes, the restaurant should not put them by your baby, but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep your child safe.

3. Do not let your baby crawl around the place. Yes, it's cute that your baby is crawling, but it's not a good idea to let the child crawl around a dining room, okay? It's dangerous and makes everyone else in the place feel like they are the ones taking care of your child instead of you. 

4. Stay with your baby at all times. Do not step out to take a very important call and leave your baby alone. Do not run across the street to buy something while your baby waits at the restaurant for you.

5. Do not let your baby throw things at people. Seeing your child master motor skills is awesome, but I'm pretty sure no one likes to have stuff thrown at them ever and even more so when they are eating. If you notice that your child is doing it, make them stop instead of laughing it off.

Oh, I'm sure I've forgotten a million other obvious things, but I'm hoping most parents can figure it out on their own.

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