WATCH: Little girl goes crazy at doctor's office when she sees a needle

Visiting the doctor's office can be a traumatizing experience for a little kid. A recent viral video captures the dramatic roller coaster of emotions a little girl faces while visiting her pediatrician for shots. First she sits patiently waiting for her arrival, and then her face turns from utter shock to painful agony. The best part is that her brother is filmed laughing at the corner of the room probably hoping he isn't next. Wow, this video definitely gives me flashbacks of my childhood!


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I hated needles and I dreaded going to the doctor or dentist. I was that kid that would kick and scream while pretending I was being abducted and medically observed by aliens. My mom even remembers be kicking a doctor in the private part once. I was even strapped on a board and wrapped with Velcro straps in order to get a dental cleaning. Yes, I can totally relate to the sweaty palms and nervous dread a kid feels when they are being pricked with a needle or foreign object. Poor kid.

At one point the little girl shouts, "Oh, what pain!" and you hear the mother in the background laugh and say, "I can't wait for you to have kids one day." I personally don't think there is anything funny about watching your kid go through something this traumatic. I hope they took her for ice cream or her favorite lunch after this was over.

She will probably outgrow this sort of stuff with time. It has to be annoying as a parent to deal with this every time you go visit the doctor, but a kid needs more support than just laughing in their face. Don't worry little girl, I feel your pain. Trust me, it gets better with age and next thing you know you will be popping out that baby and having to watch your kid go through the same thing. Hopefully your mother will be there to record the entire thing and laugh. 

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