10 Things every mom yells at her kids for​

things all mothers yell aboutSure we can all go on and on about how there are different parenting styles. How every parent does it a little bit different than the next and there is some truth to that, but what is also true is that at some point we all turn into our mothers and sooner or later we are going to find ourselves yelling at our kids about the same things our mothers yelled at us for. It's the way of life.

It's funny because before I had kids, I was prepared to be the most progressive parent on the block. I would use a stern voice when needed, but I would not yell at my children. HA! Sometimes it's like my esophagus get's possessed by the ghosts of every mother that has come before me and before I know it, I'm yelling about things that every mother yells about and not feeling like a cliche at all.


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Here are 10 things that every mother yells at her kids about unless of course they live in a place where there are no toilets, which in that case I'm sure those yells are replaced with something that has to do with going potty anyway: 

1. Stop picking your nose! Nobody wants to see your nasty mocos. Now go wash your hands!

2. You better clean your room or I'm going to throw everything away! I'm not kidding.

3. Oh no, get your pompis back in here and flush the toilet, cochino!

4. If I talked back to my mother like that when I was a kid, I would have had a chancla imprint on my nalgas for weeks!

5. Seriously, I'm trying to use the bathroom. Don't talk to me right now!

6. Is that what you're wearing?! You know we're going to a baptism, not clubbing with Miley Cyrus, right?

7. If you ever contradict me again when we are out in public, I'm gonna put a curse on you so that your tongue turns into chicharrón.

8. That's funny, I thought I was the parent, but I guess I was wrong because you seem to think you are in charge. My bad!

9. Get off the                     (fill in the blank with computer, phone or toilet), NOW!

10. I don't care if fulana de tal gets to stay up all night and shows up to school in her piyamas and pantunflas, in this house we have rules and you have to follow them.

Ahhh, the universality of motherhood. Charming, no?

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