WATCH Shakira's 1-year-old son READ!

shakira milan piqueShakira's son Milan Pique is a baby genius!

At only 19-months-old, Shakira's son with Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué already knows how to read! Muy bien, Milan!

Shakira posted an adorable video to Facebook on Wednesday, where she's teaching Milan how to read en Español.

In the video captioned, "Learning to read with mommy / Aprendiendo a leer con mami," Milan can be seen perched atop his pregnant mami's lap as she scribbles several words onto a notepad and asks him "How do you say this, my love?" in Spanish. You HAVE to see it to believe it!


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Looking between the pad and the camera, Milan correctly reads several words in Spanish, including mama, papa, tata, nene, y agua. Seriously, the only thing cuter than hearing his raspy little voice say those words is the sound of a very excited Shaki squealing "muy bien," as her son reads like an ol' pro.

Muy bien, indeed. At less than 2 years old, Milan has proven himself to be quite a baby genius. Earlier this year, his proud mami shared a video of the duo sightseeing in Washington, DC, in which Milan correctly identified Thomas Jefferson, as well as the Washington Memorial. And that's not all. In addition to being a history buff and a little English major, it appears Milan has inherited his mami's music skills. In March, Milan's papi posted a video of his son showing off his impressive drumming skills. Wow!

No doubt Shakira is a very proud mami. Most children don't begin learning how to do most of these things until they're in elementary school, but not Shaki's boy. He's clearly got a head start.

Want to give your own bebes the Milan Pique edge? Check out these quick and easy tips for how to teach your little one how to read:

    1. Speak to your child using grownup words; no baby talk! Describe the world around them, taking care to identify objects and people by their proper names. That means calling a train a train and not "un choo choo."
    2. When reading to your baby, help them associated those lines on the page with the words coming out of your mouth by pointing to each word as you read them.
    3. When teaching your child the alphabet, take care to give them specific examples of words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Also, be sure to switch the words up every so often. Today "A" can be for "apple," and tomorrow "A" can be for "abuela."
    4. Make it fun! Toss a bunch of flashcards depicting animals and objects onto the floor and ask your child to toss a bean bag ball onto any card showing something that begins with the letter "B," for example.
    5. Take your cue from Shaki, and praise your child whenever they answer correctly. Bravooooo! See how here:



Image via Shakira/Instagram, Shakira/Facebook

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