Fall is in the air! The chillier weather welcomes gorgeous foliage that makes us fall in love with the season. With more rainy days and time spent indoors, this is a great time to plan creative fall art activities with your kids. What better way to get started than to gather fall leaves and use them as artistic inspiration. Tap into your kid's creativity with seven of the best fall leaf crafts ever. 

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We promise these leaf craft ideas are simple and as mess-free as possible. Enjoy! 

Leaf puppets 1

Leaf puppets

Image via Motherhuddle.com

This is an easy no-mess project and the kids will have a blast playing with the finishing product! All you'll need is: leaves, adhesive wiggly eyes, craft or ice cream sticks and glue. Leaves never looked so cute! 


Painted fall leaves 2

Painted fall leaves

Image via Ourcraftsnthings.com

If you don't experience much foliage where you are from, just make your own fall leaves! The project is pretty simple with the following supplies: coffee filters, markers and a spray bottle. Cut the coffee filters into a leaf shape, color in and spray water to give it a cool watercolor effect. 


Leaf wreath 3

Leaf wreath

Image via Laurascraftylife.com

This is a penny saver and a fun way to spend time with the family. Gather leaves, paper plates, scissors, glue and string. Cut out the center of the plate and discard. Then glue your leaves around the plate. Puncture a whole and add the string for hanging. As an added touch, you can glue a pretty ribbon in the center. 

Leaf garland 4

Leaf garland

Image via Ourhouse.com

Give a fun seasonal twist to your kid's room art with this colorful leaf garland. You can purchase leaf templates to cut out neat shapes or freestyle it. Collect colorful paper in fall colors like red, orange and brown. Cut out and tie leaves to string. This is a hanging masterpiece the kids will be proud of. 


Leaf butterfly 5

Leaf butterfly

Image via Diyncrafts.com

This sweet little butterfly is a creative way to think outside the leaf! Buy colorful stems, wiggly eyes and pom pom's. Once you have the leaves and twigs you can start gluing and smiling. 


Leaf necklace 6

Leaf necklace

Image via Kiwicrate.com

Ready for a project that is chic and stylish? Grab ribbon, string or yarn to get started. Mix fashion beads with the leaves you collected for a fashionable touch your little one will love! So cute. 


Colorful leaf tree 7

Colorful leaf tree

Image via Vinya/Pinterest.com

If you don't mind getting messy, this is the perfect project for you and your kids. Take the dry leaves and dip on a paper plate with different color paint. Before the leave fully dries, place it on a piece of paper and the beautiful stencil will look like a piece of art!