Luis Miguel regrets being a bad father to kids with Aracely Arambula

We all know Luis Miguel doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to being a dedicated father. El Sol has also had a sticky past with his ex and the mother of his two sons Aracely Arambula. Earlier this year, the telenovela actress took him to court for skipping out on child support and being an absentee dad to their sons Daniel and Miguel.

Now reports claim that the 44-year-old singer may have some regrets about missing out on his sons lives. Will he FINALLY step up his parenting efforts?


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According to EsMas, Miguel has asked Arambula to let his kids Daniel and Miguel travel to Las Vegas to watch one of his live concerts in celebration of Mexico's independence. He also wanted them to pay him a visit in Mexico, but the 39-year-old telenovela star has refused.

Instead the single mom recently took a solo trip with her kids to Disneyland. I get it, she is still hurt and scorned that Luismi wasn't there in the beginning, but the man is trying to make an effort now. It will benefit her kids to have a relationship with their dad. Why deny them that?

Back in March, court documents revealed that Aracely was upset about receiving $15,000 a month in child support and was asking to get it bumped to at least $60,000 a month. Money or revenge should not be reasons to keep your kids from their father. Like it or not, you decided to have kids with him and are stuck with each other for life. 

I am 100 percent sure Luis Miguel is tough to deal with. This is the same man who denied paternity of his firstborn child back in 1989. He refused to let his eldest daughter Michelle Salas take his last name and didn't step up as a dad until she was much older.

Regardless of what a scumbag he has been in the past, I think we all deserve second chances--especially if it means two little boys will grow up with a father figure in their lives. Hopefully Aracely and Miguel can act like adults and resolve this messy situation for the sake of their kids. Putting them in the middle like this will only do more harm than good.

Images via Getty Images, Aracely Arambula/Twitter

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