Mom rejects disabled twin from surrogate, calls her "dribbling cabbage"

What would you do if you were having twins and you found out that one was severely disabled? Would you abort? What if you didn't find out until you gave birth? Would you abandon the baby at the hospital? Is that even legal? Well, that's what one couple in Britain did. They abandoned their disabled baby girl because according to the mom, "She'd be a f****** dribbling cabbage! Who would want to adopt her? No one would want to adopt a disabled child!"

Are you pissed? Me, too! 


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Apparently, the British couple hired a surrogate to carry their baby, which turned out to be two babies; a healthy baby boy and a baby girl who has a severe muscular condition, Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy. The biological mother rejected the unhealthy baby, referring to the newborn as "dribbling cabbage".

The surrogate mother gave birth and could not believe it when the biological mom flat out rejected the child. She would not take it home; as if it were a defective piece of electronics or a shirt with a stain on it. The surrogate was implanted with two embryos, everyone knew there was a chance of twins being conceived. Children are not like pieces of jewelry, you can't keep one and reject the other because you just don't feel like it. You love them always and forever and with everything you've got. Seriously, isn't that simply abandonment?

Anyway, the surrogate mother and her family took the abandoned baby girl in and are raising her alongside their own children as if she were their own. The surrogate mother's partner had to retrain professions and take a pay cut to stay home with the little girl but they wouldn't have it any other way. The little girl is part of their family.

My opinion, these two are honorable and good people. They deserve a round of applause and some assistance to help pay for all the child's needs. I think the biological parents should be held responsible by the law. The biological couple sound like a couple of grade A assholes. So what's next? The little boy grows up to be ugly and they want a refund?

There are women all over the world struggling with fertility who would kill to raise this baby and her own mother has discarded her like a piece of garbage. Just because the baby didn't grow inside of her doesn't give her the right to walk away from her disabled child. How many children are born disabled every single day? What if everyone did this? Who was this mother, a descendant of Hitler?

I have a message for the mom who abandoned her baby. Hey biological mom, your baby is your baby! Your only job is to love her unconditionally. I guess you effed that up! You don't even deserve the baby you got.

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