Model supports mom who was kicked out of mall just for breastfeeding her baby

What is everyone's issue with breastfeeding? Miami Dolphins linebacker Philip Wheeler's girlfriend, Ashley Nicole took part in a breast-feeding protest at a Florida mall this week. She was supporting a mother who was apparently kicked out of that same mall just for breastfeeding her baby. Nicole is no stranger to the breastfeeding hate. The kind of crazy backlash she got back in March for posting a breastfeeding pic is just disgusting. Seriously, what is the big deal?


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Ashley joined mom, Kristie Quinones in the protest at Aventura Mall this week. More than 100 other women were there to support this poor woman who was kicked out just for breastfeeding her baby. Ashley claimed that it was "an honor" just to be involved and purposely posted another picture of herself breastfeeding to Instagram."I wisssssshhhhh someone would ever say something to me about nursing my child in public," she wrote. "I must have that don't try me face."

Personally, I really don't get why so many people have an issue with public breastfeeding. It's okay for a woman to sunbathe at a beach topless or where a top that shows everything but nipples, but the minute a mom wants to feed her child then boobs are a problem, right? It's a double-standards that's seriously upsetting. The fact that a woman would literally get kicked out of a mall for breastfeeding is absurd. How much you want to bet that if a sexy, big-booty chick would have walked into that mall with shorts so short they showed her cheeks and a deep plunge top that showed all her cleavage, the only thing cops would have done is wink and smile. Yup, that's the kind of world we live in!

Images via Ashley Nicole/Instagram

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