Clueless dad creates app that shows men how to parent

Nowadays there's an app for practically anything, even for clueless new dads. That's right, in fact the creator behind it was a father who didn't have the slightest idea what to do after his first child was born. Dave Burton was so overwhelmed he quit his job and created this new app!


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The day Burton's first baby was born he felt completely unprepared for fatherhood. So when his second child, William came into the world, he quit his job and dedicated the next eight months on creating an app to help new dads. "When your baby is born, you suddenly feel a huge weight of responsibility and quickly realize that this tiny bundle of life is completely dependent on you," he told MailOnline. "About a week after birth, I went for a quick pint with some other dads I'd met through our local parenting group. It soon became apparent that we all felt we wanted a quick database of practical information, ideally with loads of pictures to show us what to do."

And so that's how "Quick Tips For New Dads" was born. Within the first weeks of it's launch, the app which was available at the iTunes store was already downloaded more than a thousand times. Burton gets at least 50 sales a day for the $2.50 app. He also gets a ton of new tip submissions from other dads. Some of the quick tips include things like applying cream to your baby's chin to prevent chafing and soreness from developing and to hold your baby as soon as possible after birth.

"The app is full of all the stuff that baby books never tell you," Burton adds. "Like for example, it's completely normal for baby boys to get erections and for baby girls to have mini-periods after birth. It's embarrassing to talk about, but these experiences are common and can leave us dads utterly be wildered."

I have to admit I originally thought this idea was sort of silly. Like what kind of dad needs an app to help him to parent? But now that I think about it, there's a lot of stuff you don't learn in parenting groups or even in books. Like did you really know that baby girls get min-periods after birth? Because I sure as hell didn't! Come to think of it, maybe they should come up with a mommy app too. It wouldn't hurt, right?

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