Baby trying solid food for the first timeOne of the things I loves me the most about parenting is watching my children try things for the first time. It is some kind of wonderful. Kids trying things for the first time reminds you that not everyone is jaded like you are. I'm kidding! You know what I mean, though. Kids aren't all, been there done that, which is oftentimes the way I feel. No way, kids are like magic waiting to happen when they try something new.

For example, check out this great video that I found of 6-month-old Nolan trying solid food for the first time and tell me it doesn't make you smile from ear to ear.


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This kid's face is so ridiculously cute, I can hardly stand it. He is also very smart. At first when he's offered the food, he has no idea that he is supposed to eat it and then he watched his mommy put it in her mouth and he's like, okay, I can totally do that.

When the food goes in his smiley face, his expression totally changes to one of ... uh, this might be kind of gross ... then his trademark smile comes back as if to say, actually it's not so bad.

Check little Nolan out and when you are done, check out the other videos below of kids trying things for the first time. They are all great. --Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado

Image via YouTube

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