Dangerous teen trendsMamás, I've come across two horrifying teen trends that we must all advise our kids to steer clear of: the fire challenge and the choking game. I am not exaggerating when I say that either of these ridiculous trends could end in death. In the fire challenge trend, participants basically set themselves on fire. Yeah, it's a thing! And in the choking game--or fainting game as it is sometimes called--the point is to cut off oxygen to the brain, which results in the person passing out, it's freakin' crazy and beyond dangerous.

Of course I have examples of both these trends to show you because as parents we need to know what is going on out there in order to teach our kids that some things are not fun or funny, they are nonsense and could lead to death.


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A quick search on YouTube for "fire challenge" will bring up all kinds of examples. I chose this one even though it has some bad language in it because it is not as graphic to watch as some of the ones where people light HUGE parts of their bodies on fire. But don't let this example make you think that people are not getting hurt. A 15-year-old from Kentucky recently lit himself on fire after watching fire challenge videos on YouTube and ended up in the hospital getting treated for burns. Lexington Fire Department Captain Chris Harrod says, "What they don't show at the end of the videos is the consequences of doing this, getting second and third degree burns."

And now for the choking game. I came across this video of two girls doing the choking challenge via Facebook and it floored and terrified me. When you watch the video keep an eye on the girl on the left. I really believe that she put herself in some kind of mortal danger.

Did you see that? Both the girls get woozy, but the girl on the left goes totally limp. Her body contorts in ways that a body is not meant to go and for a second it really looks like she might not regain consciousness.

As horrible as the two above trends are, there are more to worry about as you can see from the gallery below. Please check them out and warn your kids about the dangers associated with them.--Additional reporting by Roxana Soto, Giselle Castro

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