Unemployed mom spoils toddler daughters with spray tans & mani-pedis

spoiled momOne of my pet peeves is when parents allow their kids to behave older than they are. It's bad enough that they want to grow up so quickly and their parents encouraging it doesn't help at all. That's why when I heard about Sophie-May Dixon and her ridiculous parenting skills I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

The 22-year-old single mom is unemployed, but makes sure that her daughters, 2-year-old Precious Bell and 4-year-old Princess Bliss are always decked out in designer clothes, have fresh mani-pedis and spray tans. SPRAY TANS! Does this sound bizarre to anyone else?!


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The family is featured in the reality TV show Blinging up Baby, which is about the excess money parents will spend on their children. Dixon's daughters are spoiled with spray tans, acrylic nails, designer duds, mani-pedis and more.

Naturally she's been critiqued for the way she's been raising Precious Bell and Princess Bliss (sidenote: I still can't get over their names), but she defends her parenting. "Of course I pay for bills and necessities first. I'm not stupid. The spray tanning and clothes have to come second," she says. However it's questionable how she is able to afford the lavish lifestyle and clothes she's given her daughters. "I want them to look traditional, I don't like modern stuff," she went on. "They never wear jeans and I would never buy something from an ordinary store."

Dixon doesn't care what other people think about her parenting skills. The mom insists she is a good parent and is even trying to go to college for counselling despite dropping out of high school. "Everybody has different tastes. If you live on a farm, you know about milking cows--I don't know nothing about that," she said. "But I know about style and how to make myself, and my girls, look good."

One thing is to be able to have the means to provide this lifestyle for your children and another is barely making ends meet. At the rate kids grow, she's better off buying them cheaper clothes, for example, instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a single outfit. At their age these girls don't need the royal beauty treatment either and the only reason they accept it is because their mother got them used to it. Children learn by example and this woman molded her daughters into mini versions of herself which makes this more disturbing. Hopefully she can do well in college and find a good job to support this lifestyle because at this rate it can only last so long.

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