Kim Kardashian pushed around a stroller full of towels, played it off as North!

kim kardashian and northThere are some things that not even Kim Kardashian can escape in this life, like death, taxes, mommy scrutiny and all the impending guilt that accompanies it. So it goes without saying, we've all been guilty of pretending to be better mamas than we might actually be, with little white lies like, "Sure, my 3-year-old can read Bronte and, of course, Becca sleeps in her own bed every night!"--knowing damn well that one kid's chewing on books and the other one has never slept in her own bed unless you were in it with her. But that's not what we want people to know about our mami skills. We want them to believe that we have it all ... especially if they don't. We do this because being a mom is hard work; damn hard work. 


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Recently, Kim Kardashian was called out for leaving baby North alone on an airplane while she got a manicure. Well, first of all, let's get real, baby Nori is never really alone, no more than any reality personality is ever alone in a public place. If by "alone" the meaning was a nanny (or two) and 17 assistants and a camera crew, then yeah, poor baby North was left all by herself while her mean old mommy went off to get her nails done. But my assumption is that people are looking for ways to criticize Kimmy K because she had the balls to be a human. How dare she try to get a few minutes to herself? Or maybe, just maybe, she was trying to keep her daughter safe from the paparazzi vultures that follow her like a shadow wherever she goes.

Well, now Kim is being criticized for trying to rebuild her image as a "good" mother. Earlier this week she was seen arriving at LAX airport with "North"--only what was really in the car seat was rolled up towels. The world is appalled and flabbergasted. I say, get over it people. Maybe Kim was just trying to give her child a couple days without the paparazzi hovering above. Maybe Kim was doing the old bait and switch to the paparazzi, Scooby-Doo style. Those damn nosey people foiled her whole plan. But why do we all care so much about how other mother's are raising their children?

All I know is that I'm not pushing any fake baby around anywhere because motherhood has left me too exhausted for these sorts of games. Can't we all just worry about OUR CHILDREN and our own parenting skills and not worry about what every other mother is doing? Love your babies, do your best and the rest will fall into place.

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Have you ever found yourself pretending motherhood was easier than it really was so another woman thought you had all your mommy stuff together?

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Have you ever found yourself pretending motherhood was easier than it really was so another woman thought you had all your mommy stuff together?

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