My kids are super excited about all the fun activities we'll be doing on July 4th--especially the fireworks at the end of the day. While I love that they get so excited, I also want to make sure they know what and why we're celebrating. Although it's hard for little kids to comprehend such complicated matters, there are ways to start teaching them important historical concepts. One of them is by reading them books related to the subject matter and since I only speak to my kids in Spanish, these are the ones we've been reading at home this week. 

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Independence Day/Día de la Independencia 1

Independence Day/Día de la Independencia

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What I love about this book is that it will teach your kids about Independence Day not only in the United States, but around the world. 


Fourth of July/Cuatro de Julio 2

Fourth of July/Cuatro de Julio

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This is one book in a series about U.S. holidays. It introduces readers to this country's history. It also explains how the same holiday is observed by families and communities around the nation.  


Yo también puedo ser presidente 3

Yo también puedo ser presidente

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This book, written by Yanitzia Canetti, is not bilingual, but I included it because it's really inspirational for children of all races, backgrounds and cultures. Each page features a kid explaining why he or she could be president and even though it's not about July 4th, it is about being president of the United States. Can't get more patriotic than that!

Who was George Washington? 4

Who was George Washington?

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This book, available both in English and Spanish, is part of a series of biographies about important people in the history of the United States. Definitely worth checking out!