Logan SteinerHave you heard about caffeine powder? I hadn't until I learned Logan Steiner, an 18-year-old from Ohio who died because of it just days before his graduation. This is such a tragedy ... he was and excellent student and athlete headed to college on a full academic scholarship. But then he died from a caffeine overdose. A bag of caffeine powder was found in his room and family members think he might have been using it as part of his pre-workout routine, which apparently isn't all that uncommon.

So what is caffeine powder and what do you need to know about it to protect your kids?


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We don't tend to think of caffeine as being something that is dangerous, but if you've ever accidentally had too much cofee, you know how potent the stuff is. Caffeine powder is not like your morning cup of coffee; it's much stronger and very dangerous. Here is what you need to know about the dangers of caffeine powder:

  • Basically it is powdered caffeine.
  • It's cheap and easy to get. You can buy it online for under $20.
  • It is super strong. One teaspoon is equal to 30 cups of coffee.
  • It can be mixed in a drink or snorted.
  • Too much can cause arythmia. In other words, it messes with the timing of your hearbeat.
  • It can lead to death. Too much can kill you, no doubt about it.

And as if this weren't scary enough on it's own, here are some other very dangerous teen trends that you need to know about so you can discuss the dangers with your children. --Additional reporting provided by Roxana A. Soto

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