5 Ways your toddler is a DANGER to your baby

Toddler holding baby sister...Reddit user sho3When I was in the hospital holding my second child, I thought, "oh this is going to be so much easier than the first time around." Boy was I wrong because this time around I would have a baby and a toddler to contend with.

The pediatrician came around to check on my littlest and when she saw my 2-year-old in the room, without skipping a beat, she proceeded to warn me that the biggest safety risk to my baby would be my toddler. Boy was she right!


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Here are five ways that your toddler is a danger to your baby:

1. Trying to sleep with the baby. It's cute that your toddler wants to snuggle with the new baby, but it's not cute when your toddler tries to climb into the sleeping baby's crib, but looks more like a Lucha Libre wrestler trying to do some kind of a baby body slam.

2. Drinking from the baby's bottle. I nursed so this didn't happen much, but when daddy was on duty and giving our baby pumped milk, our eldest would want to stick that bottle in her mouth especially if she was sick. Sharing is awesome, but not with germs.

3. Feeding the baby. Toddlers can eat all kinds of things that a baby can't. Toddlers don't care that the baby can't eat whatever they are eating or that it might be a choking hazard. Toddlers will try to force feed your baby grapes washed down with popcorn.

4. Carrying the baby. Your toddler is going to want to carry the baby like really really badly. You know how toddlers drop everything? Yeah, they will drop the baby too. 

5. Dragging the baby. Once your toddler realizes that carrying the baby is pretty futile that won't stop them from wanting to hold the baby or move the baby, so they will drag the baby, sometimes by the feet if you are lucky, sometimes by the head if you aren't so lucky.

The good news is that with attention and care, your baby will survive living with your toddler.

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