WATCH: Kids trying things for the first time will crack you up!

As many parents will tell you, there's nothing quite like watching your baby try something new for the first time. Case in point? A video of an adorable baby trying a lemon for the first time was recently uploaded to YouTube and is quickly going viral--and once you watch it, you'll know why. The little boy's reaction is so priceless, it's sure to have you cracking up!


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The clip kicks off with the little boy (who, sidenote, is too cute for words) taking a little bite of the lemon. He immediately reacts to the sourness, scrunching up his little face and shaking his head as if trying to make it stop. But once the taste subsides a little, he lifts his head and breaks out into a little giggle, as if saying, "Hey, that was fun!." The entire thing is so cute, you won't help laughing along with him. His priceless expression just says it all!

Watch it below, along with a few more video of other kids' first time trying foods.

1.Watch this little guy try a lemon for the first time ever:

2. Little Stella tries a raspberry for the first time and her reaction will have you rolling on the floor, laughing. 

3.  Watch these kids react to drinking coffee for the first time!

4. This little boy tries Atomic Warheads for the first time and it's awesome!

5. A baby + ice cream for the first time equals pure joy.

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