Boy fakes kidnapping & you'll never believe why

boy at dentistYou are not going to believe the story this kid came up with in an effort to get out of going to the dentist. The boy in question is 12 years old and from France. On May 21, local police spotted the boy hiding as they patrolled the Alpine village St. Gervais. When questioned, the boy told police that he had been kidnapped from the nearby town of Bagnols. He had a whole elaborate story, the only thing is that it was all a big fat lie.


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According to the boy, he was on his way to a dental appointment, when a man pulled up to ask for directions and then forced the boy into the vehicle. The boy gave police a detailed description of his imaginary kidnapper, he also told them details about the imaginary car he was taken in and how he was able to escape from the car.

Of course, the police took this all very seriously and spent about a month investigating the incident until closed circuit television images from the town of Bangols made them realize something was not right about the boy's story.

Last week, after further questioning, the boy admitted he made the whole thing up to get out of going to the dentist. ¿Tú crees?

I don't know if this boy is evil or a genius or simply an evil genius. The whole thing is kind of funny except for the fact that it's not cool to waste police resources or scare the bejeezus out of your parents with a kidnapping story.

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