SEE: Ridiculous nude photo that got mom banned from Instagram

InstagramOne mother's entire Instagram account has been deleted because of complaints that she was posting inappropriate content with nudity. Surely, you've heard that Instagram accounts get deleted for violating community guidelines. I mean, Rihanna got kicked off Instagram because she kept posting nude pictures of herself that were deemed inappropriate by the site.

I totally get that Instagram doesn't want photos you wouldn't want your abuela seeing on the site and I think they are well within their rights to enforce their guidelines, but I have to say that in the case Courtney Adamo, Instagram has really done wrong. You are not going to believe the picture that got Adamo's account deleted for supposedly containing nudity. Are you ready for this nonsense?


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Courtney Adamo Instagram photoYup, that's the picture that apparently offended people and recieved complaints. Because it has too much nudity? I'm sorry, but what kind of an uptight imbecile would complain about a picture like that?

The child in the photo is Adamo's daughter, Marlow, proudly sporting her big girl undies after being potty trained. At first Instagram deleted the photo, but Adamo reposted it because she thought surely it was a mistake on Instagram's part. The next thing she knew, four years worth of photo memories, comments and interactions were deleted. What makes the whole thing even more devastating is that there seems to be no process of appeals. Everything is done by an automated system and good luck trying to find a human to help you.

Instagram, for shame. You are going to delete a mother's account for an adorable picture of her toddler showing some belly, but you have no problem with Kim Kardashian flashing all kinds of butt in photos like the one below?

Kim Kardashian belfie

Some decisions need to be made by people and not automated systems. Now give this mother back her account with all her photos and comments.

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