5 Ways your baby & hubby are EXACTLY the same

No matter how great a dad your partner is, most men are really big kids at heart. I don't at all say that in a demeaning way--I think men and women were designed differently in order to balance things out, and that is a very good thing in most relationships. I for one, love watching how my husband interacts with my son, but sometimes it can feel like a bit of a circus around here. It turns out, baby and daddy have a lot more in common than meets the eye (which is quite a bit in our case). And guess who's the ringmaster? Mama of course. Keep reading to discover some surprising similarities between your husband and your baby.


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They really do look alike. With each child there's the inevitable debate about whether he looks more like mom or dad, and while you may see a lot of yourself in your baby, chances are he probably looks a bit more like dad. Studies have shown that babies tend to resemble fathers more, so that the father can visually confirm paternity upon meeting the child and thus form a bond. I have to say, I thought my 2-year-old looked a lot like my husband at birth, and while he has many of my features, these days, he reminds me so much of his daddy.

Everything stops when they're sick. Don't tell me you haven't noticed that when your man gets the sniffles the world practically comes to an end. Men may seem to get sick less frequently, but when they do, they seem to get completely knocked off their feet. Same with babies. When a child gets sick, you pretty much have to put everything else on hold to tend to that child. They cry more, their sleep is interrupted, they get clingy and by the time you get them settled down, the rest of the day is a wash. 

They lack a sense of urgency. At least in my household, it's almost as difficult to get my husband out the door as it is my toddler. You see, for me every minute of the day counts--I don't like to be even 30 seconds late for anything. My husband and child on the other hand aren't very interested in the numbers on the clock. Of course my son has no idea what the purpose of a clock, but ismy husband tends to use it simply as a rough guideline. 

Play, eat, sleep. These are a few of their favorite things. Yes, this is what kids are supposed to do, but I have a theory that boys never really grow out of this and that given the chance, every grown man would spend all of his free time doing exactly these three things (perhaps with some adult time thrown in). You should see the elaborate Lego constructions my husband and son come up with together. I literally would never dream up such things. 

They love really hard. I come from a family of many, many boys and over the years, I've learned that when a man falls in love, he falls hard. It may take him longer to get to that point, but when he does, he tends to love with all that he has. Kids are the same. As long as a child is brought up in a loving environment, she will love unconditionally, with all her heart. Of course life experiences can change how people love, but we should all be determined to nurture and love both our husbands and babies so that we can continue to foster their seemingly innate willingness to do the same for others.

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