I don't know about you, but I'm one of those moms that puts a ton of thought into to my child's footwear. I know to some people that might sound a bit silly, but I'm a shoe girl. That means I want my son's shoes to not only look good, but to be functional and comfortable and hold up to all of the demands of a toddler who runs, jumps, climbs, crawls and pretty much gets into everything. What I'm not, is one of those moms who doesn't blink at spending $60 or even more on a pair of shoes for a kid who will grow out of them in about three months. So of course, when each new season begins, I do a bit of research and choose a shoe for my son that meets all of my criteria as well as my budget. 


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Check out my baby and toddler shoe picks for Summer 2014 in the slideshow below. 

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