Mom works 3 jobs to support her spoiled daughter's designer wardrobe

shoppingMost parents try to teach their kids the value of money and encourage them to get jobs once they are legally able to work. Unfortunately one mom hasn't received the memo and can barely afford to pay for her 15-year-old daughter's designer wardrobe. Jackie Walsh works three jobs in order to support her daughter Lauren's shopping habit.

Lauren spends over $1,000 on designer clothes every month all with her mom's hard earned cash. There's something TERRIBLY wrong with this picture!


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The mother admits that she is a pushover when it comes to her daughter's spending habits. "I know  that I'm soft and even my friends will say: 'Say no to them Jackie!' but I can't," she says. However her financial mentality may have something to do with why Rachel overspends. The mom admits loving to shop and believes in the saying "if you've got it, spend it." Well, they must not have enough to support their spending habits as Jackie is already looking for a FOURTH job. 

One thing would be if Lauren used every single item she bought with the cash, but she she has an entire designer wardrobe that she hasn't even worn yet. The teen admits to feeling pressure to wear the latest trends and designers, but her mom doesn't seem to mind. Jackie explains that Lauren is more confident and a different person when they go shopping. "She's so full of energy and we have a good time and laugh and joke...It gives her a lift,  I think, for that short while," the mom says.

This is completely RIDICULOUS! I can't picture myself ever spending more than $1,000 in one shot while shopping. Parents like this give their kids everything but don't teach them the value of money and like Jackie, they let themselves get walked all over. I can't believe that as a mother, she has no control over her kids and lets them dominate her--and the worst part is that she's aware of it. This is the age when parents should be teaching their kids how to properly manage their finances for the future. All I know is if I ever blew $1,000 with my parents' money, I'd get my butt whooped and rightfully so!

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