6 Stylish alternatives to boring nursery essentials

I am not a huge fan of so called baby furniture--like, at all. I honestly do not get the point of spending thousands of dollars on a matching crib, changing table, and dresser, most of which will only get a few years of use before it is either tossed or sold for a fraction of what it was originally purchased for. Plus, most of it is just so generic and boring looking. My son's nursery is outfitted with second-hand, thrifted, pre-existing and found furniture, and I absolutely love the look we've achieved. It is completely unique, fun, kid-friendly and quite stylish. 

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If you want to create a beautiful, original and stylish nursery, check out the awesome ideas in the slideshow below:

Image via lovelybabyj.blogspot.ca

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Shayne Rodriguez Thompson is a full-time wife, full-time mom, and freelance journalist trying to balance it all and looking forward to exploring the world with her son and husband. In her rare spare moments, she's a pop culture junkie and kitchen devotee who makes a mean cupcake!

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I so agree with thrifting/second-handing/mixing and maxing for nurseries and really all rooms. Get rid of those changing tables! Ok… well, unless it has some pretty jenny lind turned legs.

I love the window seat storage idea! 


I love all the ideas but especially the ones of using other furniture instead of buying baby furniture and looking for items at flea markets or garage sales.

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