Can this app solve all your parenting problems?

Every mom and dad knows that raising kids is no easy task and can be stressful, to say the least. But could there soon be an app to help you cope with your parenting woes? The answer is…yes! Well, kind of.

Computer scientists from Microsoft Research and the University of California at San Diego are reportedly trying to help make parenting a little less anxiety inducing by creating an app that helps moms and dads everywhere deal with the everyday challenges of raising a kid. Wow, there really is an app for everything these days! So how exactly will it work? Read on to find out!


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The app, called ParentGuardian, reportedly requires that every parent wear a sensor around the wrist to measure levels of stress. When those levels gets too high, the apps make a noise to alert the parents and offer various coping mechanisms, such as taking deep breaths.  

When the app was first tested among a group of parents whose children have ADHD, it had a 78 percent accuracy rate of monitoring the stress levels. Basically, the sensors get "trained" to measure the sweat secretions and electrical conductivity of the wearer's skin and determine whether it indicated intense emotions.

OK, so it won't exactly solve all your parenting problems. As much as some parents may want one, no app can drive your kids to school for you or make them a snack when they're hungry. But the good thing about ParentGuardian is that it forces moms and dads to realize when they're stressed and then handle it differently. Between work, children and the rest of our lives, too many parents are running around pushing their mental and physical capacities to the max and then wondering why they're such a terrible mood. This could serve as a good reminder to slow and take a break, even if it's only for a couple of minutes.

At the very least, I think it's worth a try! I mean, I'm not even a parent and I think I could use this reminder as well.

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